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Oil field Services, Oilfield Equipment, Oilfield Supply
Industrial, Refinery, Petroleum Equipment Supply

Equipment, Supply and Services

 Asasanat - a project-oriented diversified provider of oilfield supply and services. 

 Asasanat - an oilfield supplier you can trust for any urgent and important Oil & Gas project supply. 

Asasanat Oil & Gas International is a well-resourced and full-service oilfield supply company serving the regional Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects and Industry.

The company has associations with renowned manufacturers, major mills and suppliers across Europe, USA, Far East and the Sub-Continent.

Our clients include major Oil and Gas Companies, Projects, Refineries and Contractors in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

Major supply from Asasanat includes Line Pipes, Valves, Pumps and parts.

Contact & rely on us for complete oil field services, oilfield equipment & oilfield supply
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Oilfield Services & Equipment Supply
Asasanat Oil & Gas International, Inc. - Oilfield Equipments Supplier Company

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Oilfield Supply, Oilfield Equipments, Oilfield Services - Asasanat Oil & Gas
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